What to Do With Advice You Don’t Ask For

How to deal with unsolicited advice

Don’t you just love that feeling — when you ask for help or advice from those you seek it from and then you receive that one golden nugget that sets you on a new path… What can be a kicker though, is when you receive advice and help you don’t ask for and then that ‘advice’ turns…

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How CoSchedule Changed My Life and How it Can Change Yours Too!

Why you should be using CoSchedule on your blog

I know that’s a big statement to make, but CoSchedule really has changed my (content creation) life. It has made creating content easier — and getting that content out into the right hands — easier again. When I started using CoSchedule over 18 months ago, I wasn’t being consistent on my blog and I certainly…

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10 Ways to Build Your Email List Starting Today!

How to build your email list and find new clients

When it comes to building your email list, it can seem a bit tricky from a freelancing perspective… Like, how do you use your email list to find more clients? Won’t it seem spammy to chuck them into an autoresponder series? What about lead magnets?! Yeah, the line is pretty fuzzy when it comes to…

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OFS Guest Blog Post: The Mental Health Care Kit for Fempreneurs

Get on top of your mental health care!

The following is a great guest blog post from my friend Lara. Mental health is something that we often don’t really talk about as entrepreneurs but it can be a nasty surprise when it rears it’s ugly head and we’re completely surprised by it. Lara offers some great ways for us gals (and guys too!)…

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The Ultimate Work From Home Tax Resource

The ultimate work from home tax guide

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is for you, when it comes to tax time, it can be a daunting task to tackle as someone who works from home, particularly if you’ve never had to worry about it before because you were working for someone else and they took care of it…

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Infographic: 5 Health Benefits of a Standing Desk + Options

Investing in a standing desk increases your mortality expectancy!

Standing desks. Do you really need one? Personally, I think you do if you’re sitting down at your desk 75% of the day. If you’re not someone who is ‘chained’ to a desk and most of your time is spent moving around, then a standing desk might not be your cup of tea… Aside from…

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How to Really Master Your Money

5 Steps to Mastering Your Money BEFORE Starting a Side Hustle

One of the things we tend to NOT think about when starting a side hustle, is how we’re managing our current moola situation. Sure, we might be starting a side hustle because we need more of the green stuff in our bank accounts, but do we really think about how we’re actually managing the money we have? I’m…

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OFS Guest Blog Post: Get Your Photos Seen On Instagram and Dominate Your Niche

Dominate your niche with these Instagram tricks.

This is a guest post from my new friend Zoe. She is pretty special and has got some awesome tips on how to use Instagram the right way, down to the right hashtags for your business as well as some great photo tips! Take it away Zoe… Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. It’s a social media phenomenon.…

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When Should You Hire a VA and What Will They Do?

Tips for hiring a VA and what they should do for you.

Hiring a VA (virtual assistant) can seem exciting and daunting at the same time. Especially if you’ve never had to manage another person before… It’s exciting because they can free up your time in so many ways and daunting because now you’re managing a person and handing over control of some parts of your business.…

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How to Hustle and Make Money on the Side While Working a Full-Time Job

How to hustle and make money on the side while balancing a day job

Running a side hustle while working a full-time job is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? You might be sitting there, questioning your sanity… Here you are with a pretty full plate, looking to make money on the side so that you can, eventually, move into your side hustle…

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